The Magnificent 7…

Kate’s top and no nonsense tips to keep you active and achieving your fitness goals in 2020

  1. Ready,  set GOAL!

Setting yourself an overall aim that you can measure is a surefire way of keeping on track.  Within the aim identify smaller steps to achieve it so that you can quickly see how you’re getting on (which will motivate you to keep going!) For example, if you’re overall aim is to run 5K continuously by the end of March, your first step could be starting with a run/ walk for 15 minutes a couple of times a week.   Log your progress (using Strava or RunKeeper for example if you’re running) and share your success with someone.  Tell anyone or everyone!.  And if have a bad day and miss what you planned to do, don’t beat yourself up and get back on the pony the next day if possible.

2. Go your own way… try something new/ different to keep you interested.  It doesn’t have to be what the “in” thing is – it could be a different kind of class or getting outside and walking as part of your lunch break.  The key thing is that it needs to be enjoyable or it won’t stick. January is a great time to try new things with lots of taster sessions popping up all over the place including GoodGym!

3. Get 2 (or 3 or 4) for 1!

In this busy world, maximising your time spent is key as you’re more likely to stick to something that reaps more than one benefit.  The good news is that exercise is not just about improving physical fitness and health, there are other advantages too. Volunteering to help others is well known to help combat stress, anxiety and depression and GoodGym members are taking part in Red January at the moment to promote mental health as it’s proven that working out can improve wellbeing.  Add to that making new social connections and getting outside with some fresh air in your lungs and you’re flying!  Check out where to find your nearest GoodGym area here [insert link]

4. People power

Never underestimate the difference a support network can make to help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated.  If you feel self-conscious, try and bring a friend to a new or different activity.  Share your goals with someone else so you can encourage each other – it could be in person or virtually. Making new connections with people with whom you have common ground is a great way to boost your enthusiasm for whatever it is you’re doing.

5. Food is fuel

There will be plenty of people suggesting all sorts of different ways to manage your diet this January.  If you’re exercising more, the simple fact is you need to fuel your body sufficiently.  Make sure you keep hydrated and provide your body with sufficient calories to function healthily taking into account your lifestyle and you won’t go far wrong!

6. The BIG sleep

On average we need around 7 hours’ sleep to function at our best although this varies from person to person. Make sure you focus on getting quality sleep (limiting screen time before bed for example) and feel the benefits.  Getting out and exercising is a great way to promote a great night’s sleep too!

7. Mind your own

Be mindful of and present to your own goals and progress and avoid comparing yourself to others to your own detriment.  You got out there and made the first step, whatever you are working towards.  Keep going on your own journey with support from others – YOU GOT THIS!

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