What’s the script?

It’s Friday of Mental Health Awareness week and all week I have been tied up in knots thinking “I must write a blog entry this week.”   I have finally got myself to a position where I have been able to give myself sufficient headspace to get even a kernel of an idea.  The lack […]

The Magnificent 7…

Kate’s top and no nonsense tips to keep you active and achieving your fitness goals in 2020 Ready,  set GOAL! Setting yourself an overall aim that you can measure is a surefire way of keeping on track.  Within the aim identify smaller steps to achieve it so that you can quickly see how you’re getting […]

Witness the Fitness: The Journey So Far

2 months in and where are we at? Thanks for joining me.  I’ve started to write after officially becoming a full time Personal Trainer (PT) at Witness the Fitness.  And what a few months it has been!  I feel like it has been a whirlwind of activity and I am loving every minute (well almost […]