Witness the Fitness: The Journey So Far

2 months in and where are we at?

Thanks for joining me.  I’ve started to write after officially becoming a full time Personal Trainer (PT) at Witness the Fitness.  And what a few months it has been!  I feel like it has been a whirlwind of activity and I am loving every minute (well almost every minute – more on that later).  I thought I’d share a few highlights with you and also fill in some of the gaps…

Yes, that’s me, beaming away.


I’m Kate and I’m hoping that you will find something of use/ interest in this blog of mine. Firstly, a quick fire round:

  1. Name – Kate
  2. Age – 41
  3. Very significant others – husband Chris, Dad, family and many lovely friends
  4. Healthy obsessions – fitness, fun, friends, fresh air
  5. Things that hack me off – dog poo, selfish people – not always in that order
  6. Reason I feel like I am on earth – see 3 and 4

Whilst I went full time as a PT a few months back and I have been working as a PT and a Fitness trainer since March 2016, I have been involved in sport pretty much all my life. I started as a swimmer at the tender age of 8. We loved it so much as a family that we even set up our own swimming club (Woodhall Sharks) as there wasn’t one local to us! I branched out from swimming competitively and started to compete in running and specialising in Biathlons. Up to the age of 18 I attended comps pretty much every week be it cross country, athletics or swimming. I was Club Captain and coached kids swimming every week.

Aaaaaaaaaand then the wilderness years hit.

My Mum died after a long fight with cancer when I was 18 and I went to uni at the same time. Whilst I was functioning on one level, I had no routine and I lost my exercise mojo. Looking back, this had an impact on my ability to process all the change and grief in my life. It took me over ten years to realise that I needed to manage my own wellbeing to turn a corner from the cycle of depression that I found myself in. And yes, I had to have help to realise that – from my (now) husband Chris and a support network that I am very thankful for.

I started to run again and to go to gym classes. I felt better in myself and remembered the natural high that I had enjoyed in the past. After a while it seemed like a natural thing to do to join a Bootcamp class that worked outside, especially as I felt like a caged beast when indoors at my desk at work! I can confidently say that it is exercise combined with talking therapies that enabled me to end the downward cycle of depression I found myself in. Since then we have had some exceptionally difficult times to cope with (like everyone does) – but with the help of working out, my support network and talking therapies I have made it through without any significant depressive episodes for nearly 8 years.

So back in 2012 I first joined what is now the Witness the Fitness class at Chorlton Park in Manchester. Fast forward seven years and I am jointly running the show! Having written this post and reflecting back on my journey to this point, I can actually see that it’s not that surprising that this is where I have ended up and why I am so passionate about getting people active.

Some of the lovely Witness the Fitness Crew

And where is that you may ask? I’ll tell you a little bit about Witness the Fitness:

We believe in just getting out there are doing it. Giving it a go. You might be venturing back to exercise after “the wilderness years” like me or you maybe had a baby and have lost a bit of confidence. Maybe life just got in the way. That’s cool – we aim to make you feel welcome and that you are with friends. Because you are – we have people who have come to our classes for YEARS and regard each other as part of their support network. And we love that and the special dimension it brings.

We don’t believe in what you have lost (i.e. pounds, inches, your “hips”), we believe in what you gain – confidence, fitness, strength, a sense of wellbeing and community. So you won’t see us promoting photo “before and afters” or celebrating the loss of inches or weight all over social media. That’s not our bag. But you will see us bigging up our crews for completing their first sit up. For rocking up in the pouring rain and smiling anyway. For taking the first step to come to a new class.

So come and see what we’re about…




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